Criteria For Membership

Membership is opened to all veteran tennis players who are 45 years and above for male and 40 years and above for female.

Membership is Subject to the approval of VTAS, and VTAS reserves the right to suspend a member whose behavior is consider unbecoming whilst participating in VTAS activities and events. 

Category of Membership

a) Ordinary Members.

b) Life Members.

Entry Fee

a) Ordinary Member - Pay a one-time non-refundable Entrance Fee of S$25/-.

b) Life Member - Not required to pay Entrance Fee.


Subscription Fee

a) Ordinary Member - Pay S$25/- per annum.

b) Life Member - pay a one-time Subscription Fee of S$250/-.


Application For Membership

Interested persons are required to submit their application form together
with the applicable entrance fee & annual subscription fee in advance to :

Veterans Tennis Association Singapore
c/o Block 178 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4
#10-951 Singapore 560178


Click here to print Application Form.